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Laser Dentistry

The laser is an important new tool that has been available to dentists since the mid 1990’s. Using a soft tissue laser allows us to treat you with many types of procedures in a near painless way and with very little recovery in comparison to previous techniques.

Some applications include periodontal therapy (in conjunction with root planing), reshaping of your gum line for a more cosmetic smile, removing excess gum tissue due to disease or medication, treating herpetic lesions and canker sores, and releasing frenum attachments from your lip to your gums or under your tongue.

Lasers are everywhere and used in many ways. At Aborn Family Dental, we utilize Biolase® state-of-the-art soft tissue laser for a verity of treatments. What can we do with a laser? Here are a few examples…

  • Laser Periodontal (gum) Therapy – We can now minimize gum disease in its early and moderate stages with a laser. Laser energy kills bacteria, removes damaged and irritated gum tissue and promotes healing of healthy tissue. Best of all, it is usually performed with little to no anesthetic.
  • Laser Canker and Cold Sore Treatment- Many patients take advantage of our laser treatments at the onset of their breakouts. The laser therapy significantly reduces the discomfort and the duration of the breakout.
  • Laser Desensitization- For those few teeth that are always sensitive at the gum line, a little laser therapy without the need for anesthesia provides immediate relief.
  • Laser Smile Recontouring- Gummy smiles can be a thing of the past with a simple laser procedure.